Indoor Air Pollution and Health Affecting Our Children

Many people are not that concerned with indoor air pollution and health until it becomes apparent that it might be affecting their own family, particularly their children. It is apparent to many people who live in California, especially in Los Angeles, which has the most polluted air of any city in the United States. Still the problem persists in other cities across the indoor air pollutionnation because it is not a random problem.

In the early 1990s, concern for the long term health problems caused by air pollution in Southern California led to the Children’s Health Study. The University of Southern California served as the central data gathering place for study of the air and monitoring readings of the quality of air in different areas of the Los Angeles area. Twelve areas within a 200 mile radius of the city serve as the test spots.

Those Affected the Most

Not only are all parents concerned with the health of their children, probably more than their own, but it is a fact that air pollution affects children more than adults. As children develop physically, anything that attacks that development can be detrimental to how well that portion of the body matures in a healthy way. The elderly are also more affected by air pollution because of the reduced capacity of their lungs.

Because children are more active than adults, they breathe in more deeply and in practicality consume more pollution than adults living in the same areas. The peak hours for the most concentrated amounts of air pollution are from approximately 3 to 6 P.M. These are the times when many children take part in activities such as sports, which cause them to breathe in the heavier amounts of lung damaging pollutants.

Southern California’s problem is that it has a very heavy congestion of people, automobiles, industry, and shipping into the ports. Not only do the many contributors make a huge volume of pollutants, but the climate conditions in the area cause the pollutants to stay on the ground much more so than in some other locations.

Because the winds blow in from the ocean on the west, much of the Los Angeles airborne pollutants are carried to the east of the city. The largest accumulation of this is about forty miles from the heart of the city, and the mountains to the north and east hold the pollutants preventing their escape.

What Steps Can Be Taken to Reduce the Problem

What Steps Can Be Taken to Reduce the Problem

Because indoor air is generally worse than that outside, it would seem that staying indoors is a bad way to seek protection from the air pollution in the Southern California area. This might be true without the use of mechanical means of reducing pollution, such as the Whirlpool HEPA Air Cleaner. Because most of the indoor air pollutants can be removed by this purifier, inside the home is safer than outside, as long as enough units are available to treat all the interior space.

The air pollution problems in California and other cities are very complex and can’t be solved in a short time. People who are concerned with their children’s welfare and live in these areas should consider cleaning up the air indoors where they spend 90% of their time. Using Winix Air Purifiers can make a dramatic difference in the quality of indoor air and may reduce the harmful damages of air pollution.

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